Blanket of Naomi is an organisation aiming to improve the living standards of women in the rural parts of Africa, women who are widows and grandmothers or both, and also improve the lives of their children and grandchildren.

Our mission is to find 10 women who are in need of help, either, morally or financially. Its not going to be easy but with prayers, support and donation, we will be able to Provide the help that each woman needs, whether it be financial, child rearing, moral support, entrepreneurial skills or other needs.

Blanket for Grandma, will provide them with blankets, mosquito nets, clothes, shoes and food. Also find a way to help them get on their feet financially by providing a means of generating income, either by providing sewing machines, grain seeds, or capital to start small businesses. After that group has been helped and are standing on their own feet, another group of 10 women will be found and assisted according to ones needs on and on. we will still keep checking on the first groups and keep supporting them and till we are sure that they are doing good.