FOUNDER, Rita Kalegga 

My Inspiration came from the story of Ruth in the Bible, She worked tirelessly to help her widowed mother-in-law considering she was a widow her self                weegcvrcgrtgvrt ectvhb6jyhvrgrt fcvhbtjrvgtbntntrbvrtbyhtnbt thntbtgbtht ntyjtiom grhbtytjuryuyurj estg5y55y5y5y

My name is Rita Kalegga. I became a widow in 1998 and I was left with four children and a grand child, at the time I was a refugee in kenya, with no job and with no source of income.

Having lived in Kenya and raising my children as a single mother, I have to say, that was the hardest and most stressful situation I have ever been in, tears every night, questions with no answers, alway looking and praying for a way to make a better life for me and my children.

I look back and see the struggle of widows in Africa and see myself, thats why I found it necessary to stand and support my fellow widows who face poverty and need help.